An urban area vehicle/employee hurt your lawn. Kindly register a claim with town clerk

An urban area vehicle/employee hurt your lawn. Kindly register a claim with town clerk

Report problems or possible danger of lead poisoning in public, exclusive, or commercial establishments.

Select lead in drinking tap water.

Dried leaves intentionally located or stockpiled on roadways.

Document litter or dust in a park that needs to be cleaned right up.

Browse land information on the internet or submit an application for access to Stamford area data.

Query a database to learn just who the town consultant is

Be sure to submit a claim with town clerk. Email cell (203) 977-4054 .

MPT guidelines become meant to promote people implementing highways a definite comprehension of how to develop and put into action safer, efficient, and effective repair and safety of site visitors methods.

Document questions with all the rounded town manhole covers. Describe whether or not the manhole address was free, off, or busted.

See a Marina Slip/Ramp Allow

An on-line Relationship Form.

Requirements for a married relationship license.

Document health problems regarding massage organizations within area restrictions.

Accessibility the therapeutic massage program Overview Application and therapeutic massage permit software.

Use of book and map changes applications when it comes down to grasp arrange.

The gran will meet private with residents by appointment. People in the Mayor’s staff members plus the resident’s provider Center are often readily available to aid address resident questions.

Garbage/trash had not been obtained on on a regular basis scheduled day

Garbage/trash had not been obtained on regularly plan time.

Recycling cleanup wasn’t picked up on regularly timetable day.

All trip woods needs to be located suppress area no afterwards than January 15th. Trees which aren’t curbside by January 15th are not acquired.

Report a leaf heap that has been perhaps not found during established City-wide collect. Foliage that aren’t create during the developed grab times will not be obtained.

Recycle had not been picked up on regularly booked day.

The City plows the streets by prioritizing emergency ways during the downtown room (see accumulated snow plowing course). If your street has not been plowed 10 hours after a major snow violent storm, please distribute a request right here.

Report a road indication that is missing out on.

Document problems relating to mildew and mold that would be harmful to residents.

Use of details about motor vehicle taxation expenses.

Report issues regarding a nail beauty salon, barber store, or just about any other cosmetology establishment.

Document a building without any heat.

Report a building without run liquid.

Report violations regarding the sound Ordinance.

Document wildlife which are stalking, damaging, biting, or performing irregularly.

A three-step processes to get a short-term backyard dinner allow for the restaurant or caf’.

Have a problem placard or sign up for residential on-street handicap space.

Document a concern not indexed.

Report overcrowding in domestic homes.

Document recurring stuffed garbage/trash at industrial, domestic, or personal property.

Report overgrown comb on side of urban area roadways.

Accessibility the property owner’s Certification Form for strengthening examinations.

Document an automobile that is parking in a residential vehicle parking permit location dishonestly, an automobile in a residential area who has maybe not relocated in 5 days, or a left behind automobile.

A list of parking garages and lot charge. Includes outline & administration, rates, and repayment choice of every location.

Report any questions in urban area parking garages.

Document inoperable or destroyed parking yards for maintenance.

Charm a parking solution.

Is attractive must be registered within 15 calendar times of the pass issuance. Whenever posting a charm, integrate and submit all supporting records: pictures, duplicates of permits, meter receipts, registration and fix expense; etc. Invalid known reasons for violation appeals become listed, together with an application to lodge an appeal.

Range of all areas, golf instruction, beaches also recreation sites.

Document crosswalks, heart outlines being faded or non-existent.

Wages vehicle parking entry on the web quickly via getting into a citation amounts. To see all available citations for your car, submit your license dish wide variety and county. You may submit their VIN amounts to see all available citations.

Spend your own WPCA Sewer Bill

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